Hơn 50 Từ Vựng, Collocations, Idioms Chủ Đề Âm Nhạc Nên Nhớ

Hơn 50 Từ Vựng, Collocations, Idioms Chủ Đề Âm Nhạc Nên Nhớ



Kho từ điển Anh ngữ vốn có hàng tá từ vựng và để có thể đạt được band điểm cao trong kỳ thi IELTS sắp tới buộc người học phải sở hữu cho mình vốn từ vựng vô cùng rộng rãi. Hôm nay hãy cùng NQH IELTS tìm hiểu hơn 50 từ vựng, collocations, idioms chủ đề âm nhạc dưới đây nhé!

Hơn 50 Từ Vựng, Collocations, Idioms Chủ Đề Âm Nhạc Nên Nhớ

Từ vựng và Collocations chủ đề âm nhạc (music)

  • Rhythm (n): nhịp điệu

Ex: He beat out a jazz rhythm on the drums.

  • Background music (n): nhạc nền

Ex: The soft background music made her feel sleepy.

  • Harmony (n): hòa âm

Ex: She played the tune on the flute and I did some harmonies on the piano.

  • Lyrics (n): lời bài hát

Ex: Her soulful lyrics and enchanting melodies capture our most personal emotions

  • Live music (n): nhạc sống

Ex: Your instruments are all dead, and it's no use trying to get live music out of them.

  • Duet (n): bản song ca

Ex: Do anyone want to sing a duet with me? 

  • Instrument (n): nhạc cụ

Ex: The trumpet and trombone are brass instruments.

  • Pitch (n): cao độ

Ex: She sang right in the middle of every pitch and had a lovely vibrato.

  • Symphony (n): giao hưởng 

Ex: In 1905 symphony concerts were embarked on, and continued for several seasons.

  • Orchestra (n): dàn nhạc giao hưởng

Ex: The orchestra performed the Rite of Spring with great spirit.

  • Mainstream (adj): chính thống

Ex: Most people like mainstream hip-hop more than alternative hip-hop.

  • Choreography (n): vũ đạo

Ex: Their choreography creates a witty and direct dance language combining lyricism and intimacy with energy and humor.

  • Performer (n): nghệ sĩ biểu diễn

Ex: A good performer should concentrate on both singing and dancing.

  • Musical (n): vở nhạc kịch

Ex: The audience was impressed by their outstanding performance in the musical.

  • Streaming (n): nghe nhạc trực tuyến

Ex: Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming platform.

  • Catchy (adj): bắt tai

Ex: Most of pop songs have very catchy beat and lyrics.

  • A catchy tune (n): giai điệu bắt tai

Ex: Their songs have such a catchy tune, and you can also sing along to easily

  • Classical music (n): nhạc cổ điển, truyền thống

Ex: Older people like ballet, classical music, folks because they want reminiscence.

  • Musical performance (n): buổi/ Sự biểu diễn âm nhạc

Ex: Taylor Swift held up a great musical performance in America last month.

  • A huge following (n): có đông người hâm mộ

Ex: Abba wrote various wonderful songs, and some “massive hits”, which makes them have a huge following.

  • Music festival (n): lễ hội âm nhạc

Ex: I’m really into live music. I go to a lot of music festivals.

  • Musical talent (n): tài năng âm nhạc

Ex: Musical talent is formed of both nature and nurture

  • Taste in music (n): gu âm nhạc

Ex: When I was young, I only wanted to listen to rock, but now my taste in music is completely different.

  • Easy listening: nhạc dễ nghe

Ex: Some people do not like easy listening music because they don’t think that it is very interesting or exciting.

  • A piece of music: tác phẩm âm nhạc

Ex: It was a charming piece of music.

  • In tune: đúng tông

Ex: They sang perfectly in tune.

  • Out of tune: lệch tông

Ex: She smiled, grateful that Alex didn't know he was out of tune. 

  • To be tone deaf: không phân biệt được giai điệu/ mù âm nhạc

Ex: I’d love to be able to play the guitar, but I think I’m a bit tone deaf so I find it quite hard.

  • To download tracks: Tải nhạc

Ex: It’s good for marketing new musical talent or particular bands as it’s so easy to share and download tracks for free.

  • To sing along: hát theo

Ex: Their songs have such a catchy tune, and you can also sing along to easily …

  • To go on tour: Đi lưu diễn

Ex: Backstreet Boys have a huge following so they go on tour every year.

  • To have such great voices: có giọng hát tuyệt vời

Ex: The two women in Abba had such great voices.

  • To appreciate music: thưởng thức, đánh giá âm nhạc

Ex: By learning how to play a musical instrument, children can learn many things like self-discipline, determination, and how to appreciate music better.

  • To take up a musical instrument: bắt đầu học về một loại nhạc cụ

Ex: I’ve always wished I’d taken up a musical instrument.

  • Music-lover: người yêu thích và đam mê âm nhạc

Ex: As a music-lover I always start my day with my favorite songs.

  • Musical styles/ Music genre: thể loại, phong cách âm nhạc

Ex: My favorite music genre is blues.

  • Musical taste: gu âm nhạc 

Ex: He attributes his musical taste to the different songs he listened to as a child.

  • Live music: nhạc sống

Ex: Saturday night at this restaurant, there is live music performance featuring many famous artists.

  • Traditional music: nhạc truyền thống

Ex: Young people today prefer foreign music to traditional music.

  • Contemporary music: nhạc đương đại

Ex: What was the contemporary music you heard in those early years that most attracted you?

  • Give a performance: đi biểu diễn

Ex: She has recently returned to the music scene, giving a few live performances since March. 

  • Boost someone’s energy: thúc đẩy tinh thần, năng lượng

Ex: A dynamic piece of music will boost your energy for an exciting new day.

IDIOMS chủ đề âm nhạc (music)

  • Music to one’s ears: tin tốt, điều ai đó muốn nghe

Ex: “I passed??? Oh, that’s music to my ears! I was so nervous about the exam!”

  • Face the music: chấp nhận sự thật, kết quả không tốt

Ex: I know you’re upset about losing this client. It’s a very big client to lose but it’s time for us to face the music and go forward.

  • Call the tune: có quyền quyết định, yêu cầu điều gì

Ex: Peter was always the person who called the tune in our team.

  • Jam session: biểu diễn ngẫu hứng

Ex: After dinner, Tom and Harry got their guitars out and started a jam session. It was wonderful.

  • Blow your own trumpet: khoe khoang, tự tán dương thành tích của mình

Ex: Bill is always blowing his own trumpet. I’m kind of tired of hearing how “great” he is.

  • As fit as a fiddle: có sức khỏe tốt

Ex: We just got all the medical reports back and you’re as fit as fiddle. Keep exercising regularly, eat well and you’ll stay that way.

  • Elevator music: bản nhạc nhẹ nhàng nhưng nhàm chán, thường được chơi ở nơi công cộng

Ex: I wish they would stop playing this boring elevator music. It’s putting me to sleep!

  • Like a broken record: nhắc đi nhắc lại nhiều, gây khó chịu

Ex: I hate to sound like a broken record but I’m going to say it again: context is everything when learning new vocabulary!

  • Chin music: cuộc nói chuyện nhạt nhẽo

Ex: Your chin music is distracting me from my work. Be quiet, please!

  • Dance to someone’s tune: bị ảnh hưởng bởi ý kiến của người khác

Ex: The city council always dances to the tune of the large corporations in the area.

  • For a song: rất rẻ

Ex: She bought the bed for a song at an auction.

  • Make a song and dance about something: làm quan trọng hóa vấn đề

Ex: I only asked her to wear a helmet but she made such a song and dance about it.

  • Change one’s tune: thay đổi cách, giọng điệu mà ai đó nói về điều gì đó

Ex: When she realized she was talking to the police officer, she quickly changed her tune.

Vậy là hôm nay chúng ta đã có thể học thêm vô số những từ vựng, collocations, idioms chủ đề âm nhạc cực kỳ thú vị rồi nhé. Tin chắc rằng với kiến thức trên và sự nỗ lực của bạn, chắc chắn bạn sẽ có thể tự tin hơn để triển khai bài speaking và writing của mình rồi đó. NQH IELTS Chúc bạn học tốt nhé!


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